Icterus Group

A group of Agri-Tech solutions were developed for the production of medicinal and edible plants, in our cultivation structures called Icterus Grow Cube. The Grow Cubes can be adapted to indoor or outdoor spaces and turn them into independent farms, through a combination of atmospheric water generator, power station, air conditioning systems, automatic fertigation, and high spectrum artificial LED lighting, arranged on shelves or rolling tables, resulting in 100% controlled environment out of reach of inclement weather and pests.

Icterus Grow Cube

Thinking about providing possible solutions to the global problem of water scarcity and droughts, we created Icterus Aqua, an atmospheric water generation center, that produces water of the highest quality and purity with low mineralization, without biological contamination and with excellent physical and chemical properties, even in industrial or polluted areas. An Icterus Aqua center combined with other structures can generate from 50 liters to 5,000 liters of water per day, store and distribute it for human consumption and sanitation or even integrate it into productive processes such as traditional agriculture or inland agriculture, livestock, cheese production, other manufacturing , wildlife refuges and more.

Icterus Aqua

Icterus Botanicals represents tangible proof of what can be achieved through Icterus solutions: Grow Cube + Aqua. In it R&D center located in Villeneuve, Canton Vaud, we have a total plantation area of 229.6 m2, distributed in 4 Grow Cubes with a yield of more than 36,000 plants per cycle.

In this operations center we produce young plants for transplantation and propagation for other farms in the local community, we carry out feasibility studies and development of cultivation recipes, educational and training programs, harvesting crops.

Icterus Botanicals