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“Falconum, established in the year 2022, serves as a foundational entity delivering comprehensive support to the various business units operating within the distinguished Icterus Group, encompassing Icterus Grow Cube, Icterus Aqua, and Icterus Botanicals Farm. Falconum is committed to providing enhanced value by implementing process enhancements that prioritize efficiency and effectiveness. It is the guiding force that fosters self-sufficiency and autonomy within the group’s operations.”

 The Icterus group brings together the Agritechnology Solutions developed to fulfill the vision: Growing local with autonomy.

Icterus Grow Cube

Offer innovative and sustainable Agritech solutions to optimize and make more efficient the plant end-to-end value chain production – from seed to waste management, reducing the overall carbon footprint, in maximal autonomy, promoting local production and consumption.

Icterus Aqua

Provide infrastructure and technology for the generation of water, storage, distribution and its integration into natural and industrial processes to guarantee access to water for all living beings when water scarcity prevail.

Icterus Botanicals

Produce and source locally young plants and seedlings for propagation on neighboring farms and harvest for the local community with high hygiene standards ensuring reduced carbon footprint, counter-cyclical and high-value crops.

Our Services

Human Resources Management

We provide comprehensive solutions in human resources, including recruitment, selection, hiring and personnel administration, we manage the right talent to manage Icterus projects

International Logistics

We have a specialized team in charge of planning and managing all aspects of the delivery from customs documentation to the coordination of logistics operators for a safe and efficient transport of the machinery of the Icterus equipment and farms.

Technical Support

Technical support services to guarantee the correct functioning of the Icterus Grow Cube systems and all technological equipment. Our team of experts is available to provide training and perform preventative maintenance.

Data Management

Falconum provide data management services to the Icterus Group, including storage, organization, and analysis. From document management to workflow optimization, simplifying administrative tasks.