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Falconum is a development and construction company whose goal is to create innovative solutions for our community in food production and access to vital resources such as water and energy.

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Indoor Farming solutions developed for the production of medicinal and edible plants, our vertical cultivation structures that can be adapted to interior spaces and turn them into farms, through a combination of air conditioning, irrigation and lighting elements arranged in shelves of up to 6 levels, all combined in 100% controlled environment out of reach of inclement weather and pests.

Thinking of providing possible solutions to the global water problem, we created developed our atmospheric water generation line that can be integrated into different industries. A combination of machinery and different structures that allow our clients to generate from 50 liters to 5000 liters of water per day, store and integrate them into production processes like agriculture and more.

Our philosophy of independence and autonomy for production processes led us to the development of this structures that combines solar energy production with wind energy, with the intention of producing what is required to manage our indoor farms, and other solutions, but also with the possibility of adaptation depending on the needs of the project.


To proof of what can be achieved through our cultivation systems (Grow Cubes and Shelves) we set up a Research and Development Center that embraces all our tests with the different prototypes developed, the production of crops and young plants for the local community, educational and training programs among other benefits.

Project Development

Our team is prepared to evaluate situations in your company or project and present you with options to reduce your energy consumption, migrate to renewable energies, optimize production processes, waste management, implementation of new machinery and more, contact us for more information and discuss your needs.

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